Police arrest fake medical doctor in Lagos

Police arrest fake medical doctor in Lagos

Police arrest fake medical doctor in Lagos
Nigerian Police

The Zone 2 Police Command, located in Onikan, Lagos, recently made an arrest involving a 37-year-old individual posing as a medical doctor and practitioner, raising suspicions of possessing forged certificates.

The Assistant Inspector-General of Police overseeing the zone, Olatoye Durosinmi, officially confirmed the arrest during a press briefing on Tuesday in Lagos. The suspect was presented before the media by law enforcement authorities.

According to Durosinmi, the arrest was executed by operatives from the Zonal Anti-Piracy Unit. The individual in question purported to hold the position of Managing Director at Skylink Medical Centre in Ikorodu.

Durosinmi revealed that the arrest followed intelligence gathered by the command from members of the Elepe community, who reported concerning activities linked to the suspect. Acting on this information, a team of detectives under the leadership of SP Mariam Ogunmolasuyi promptly initiated action, resulting in the arrest.

The law enforcement officers apprehended the suspect and proceeded to carry out a thorough search, during which they uncovered two suspected forged certificates purportedly from Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, Osun State, and the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN).

Additionally, they found immovable hospital equipment. Consequently, the hospital premises were sealed off awaiting further investigation.

According to Durosinmi, the suspect admitted to electronically fabricating the certificates, confessing that he had never earned a degree from the university nor received any certification from the MDCN.

As per his statement, the suspect is confirmed to hold solely a West African School Certificate qualification.

Additionally, the police chief disclosed that during the suspect's confession, it was revealed that he claimed to be part of a group consisting of six individuals. Among these, two were identified as trained nurses, while the remaining four were described as amateurs.

He mentioned that prior to establishing his own hospital, he was employed as a Nursing Assistant at Fabo Medical Centre located in the Majidun area of Lagos. The Assistant Inspector General (AIG) elaborated that the individual in question asserted to have conducted three operations without proper medical qualifications: two Cesarean sections and one appendectomy, all performed during his three-year stint of unauthorized medical practice.

The investigation thus far has uncovered that the suspect was operating the hospital without possessing the necessary credentials as a qualified medical practitioner. Durosinmi emphasized the importance of public cooperation in reporting any suspicions of illegal practices to law enforcement promptly.

Furthermore, he highlighted that the police command is collaborating with the health ministries of Lagos and Ogun States to eradicate such criminal activities from the area.

During an interview at the parade, the individual suspected of posing as a medical doctor provided additional details. They disclosed to reporters that they had previously administered general medical treatments and performed surgeries. According to their account, they underwent a two-and-a-half-year apprenticeship under someone else's guidance before setting up their own medical facility.

Admitting to their lack of formal medical qualifications, the suspect confessed to possessing only a secondary school certificate. They admitted to fabricating a counterfeit MBBS certificate in order to practice medicine.