Brianne Howey on possible “Ginny & Georgia” Season 3: “It’s feeling positive”

Brianne Howey on Netflix’s “Ginny & Georgia”

Brianne Howey on starring in Netflix series “Ginny & Georgia”


“Ginny & Georgia” has been dominating the Netflix Top 10 list and leaving fans on the edge of their seats since Season 2 was released earlier this month. 

With its sudden popularity, the show’s second season finale left viewers wondering: Will there be a third season? 

Brianne Howey, who plays Georgia Miller, a mother of two, told “CBS Mornings” that while she doesn’t know if there will be a Season 3 of the comedy-drama series, “it’s feeling positive.” 

Season 2, which premiered Jan. 5, touched on various issues such as mental health, self-harm and depression. Howey said that one of the most important messages from the season is that “it’s OK to not be OK,” and to ask for help.

“It takes a lot of courage to live in your vulnerability,” she said. 

Howey said she had never read a role like Georgia and that her character’s dynamic personality, with a lot of “grey area,” “brings to life our humanity.” 

Howey, who was raised by a young single mother herself, said that she used her mother as inspiration in bringing Georgia’s character to life. 

“I already had so much respect for my mom, but now after playing Georgia I just bow down to all single parents,” she said. “You’re trying to hustle. You’re trying to navigate. You gotta be the good cop and the bad cop, and that’s not easy.” 

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