Meghan Markle hints her ‘joke is only for Americans’ in Netflix series

Meghan Markle hints her ‘joke is only for Americans’ in Netflix series

Meghan Markle’s body language while recalling her meeting with the Queen in a Netflix docu-series was recently analysed by an expert.

Taking to The Behavioural Arts YouTube channel, analyst Spidey said that Meghan’s body language shows that she’s told the story before to her American friends.

He noted that the Duchess of Sussex performs a “stop gesture with her hand” as if to say, “This isn’t for the English people, this joke is only for Americans.”

“And then she proceeds to mock something that is traditionally something that the British do — curtsy, bowing. This is something that shows respect,” he said.

“She’s told this joke before this way to American friends of hers and it hit, it landed well,” he explained. “And that’s why she’s presenting it with such confidence and saying, ‘This is for the Americans.’”

He added, “To me, it just feels a little disrespectful to mock this tradition that’s so important… to your husband’s family.”

Weighing in on Prince Harry’s reaction to Meghan’s story, Spidey said: “At first he’s not smiling and you can’t really see the left side of his face, but you can almost feel that that left side [has a] contemptuous look.”

The expert explained: “You kind of feel it in the way he’s looking at her.”

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