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YouTube tags square measure the hidden metatags related to videos on YouTube. Not all videos have these tags as it’s up to the video publisher to feature them once they transfer the video. YouTube Tag Extractor tool may be a handy means of extracting and revealing these meta tags related to any public video. Extracting YouTube Tags will be terribly perceptive to grasp however competition videos and alternative high-performing videos square measure exploitation these tags to spice up their performance.

Tags don't seem to be to be confused with HashTags that ar displayed within the video description and on top of the video title.

What are YouTube Tags?

The confusing factor regarding YouTube is there area unit 2 styles of tags:

  1. Tags: that area unit the invisible “meta” Tags related to a video. this is often what the Tag Extractor extracts
  2. HashTags: that area unit the visible tags shown higher than a video title. See a lot of data regarding YouTube HashTags.

Tags area unit more to a video once it's uploaded on YouTube. in contrast to HashTags, they are doing not have pound (#) signs before of them and that they may contain areas to include a string of multiple words. Best follow is to use all minuscular Tags with alpha-numeric characters.

Since these Tags area unit invisible on the particular video page, our friends at SEOptimer munificently shared thusme screenshots with United States of America so we are able to peek behind the scenes at however they labelled their videos.

In YouTube Studio, at very cheap of the “Video details” page could be a link “Show More”:

Once this is clicked, it's expands further options are including “Tags”:

A YouTube video will have up to five hundred characters value of Tags - that may be a lot! In the instance on top of, we are able to see the SEOptimer video has 11 Tags. Altogether these Tags only take up 164 characters of the 500 limit, so there’s room for many more.

Now here comes the magic. Using the YouTube Tag Extractor, we can easily reveal these hidden meta tags with the click of a button:

You’ll notice, the Tags square measure significantly extracted in just an equivalent order that the author has used. this offers you a extremely nice insight concerning what the author thinks is (a) the foremost vital topics within the video and; (b) the best priority tags for video SEO.

Why square measure YouTube Tags important?

So currently we all know the YouTube Tag Extractor works like magic on any public YouTube video and extracts the invisible meta tags while maintaining the order of these Tags as denoted by the author of the video.

But why is that this important? You’re doubtless reading this page at the instant as a result of you’re inquisitive about the general topic of Video SEO. we all know from YouTube themselves that a lot of signals contribute to the general ranking within the search result page (title, description, hashtags, thumbnail, tags, quality of video, etc).

We suggest obtaining the fundamentals right and utilize all the options that YouTube offer to reason and apply intending to your videos. The jury may well be out on the degree of influence the hidden meta tags wear search result rankings, however our recommendation is usually to err on the facet of improvement and use all YouTube options along. After all, the additional YouTube understands what your video is concerning, the additional probability your videos can rank higher in YouTube search results.

YouTube Tags strategy

There square measure some strategic concerns once extracting Tags from contestant videos. There square measure 2 potential eventualities once extracting Tags from a YouTube video mistreatment this tool:

1. The video has no Tags: this is often really quite common since the Tags field is hidden behind the “Show More” text link right at very cheap of the video details page in YouTube Studio. therefore unless your competitors ar YouTube-savvy, they'll probably look straight past this and transfer the video with zero tags. this is often an honest outcome for you as a result of any tags you boost your video are going to be higher. contemplate the phraseology competitors use within the video title and outline and if they use any HashTags within the video description.

2. The video has Tags: just like the example higher than from SEOptimer that unconcealed eleven Tags on their video, successive step is to use your best judgement to assess the standard of those Tags. attempt to explore for something surprising or uncommon regarding the Tags and also the ordering of these Tags. Again, the higher than example from SEOptimer could be a terribly typical cluster of Tags that begin with the whole term “seoptimer”, then embrace broad class terms like “seo” and go wider to incorporate sub-category or niche terms like “seo reporting”. The ordering of those Tags offers you a giant clue regarding however they accept their key terms. For direct competitors, we have a tendency to suggest exploitation similar broad Tags to stay competitive however utilize some distinctive Tags additionally to capture niche searches wherever you'll have a competitive advantage.

The great issue concerning Tags is that you just will edit them when you publish your videos too. therefore if you {are feeling|you're feeling} a number of your videos might be activity higher in search or competitors are outperforming you on some key terms, strive piece of writing your Tags consequently. One final thought in puzzling over your Tags is what YouTube describe directly on top of the Tags input box:

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